Pinelife is a high-performance mulch, soil conditioner and fertilizer two-in-one by Renewed Earth. It provides long-term benefits for the soil and plants. This mulch includes a plant food source that is available all season long and is ideally suited for annual and perennial gardens.

Pinelife is a blend of composted pine bark, barkfines and Lifecycle compost amended with a long lasting food source for plants. This includes M-ROOTS® a unique blend of beneficial natural biological organisms that will promote plant health and vigor.

  • Holds its rich dark brown color all season
  • Increases water and nutrient absorption
  • Increases tolerance to a wide variety of environmental extremes.
  • Includes Nitroform 38-0-0, releasing 25% of the total nitrogen in the first 6-10 weeks.
  • Includes natural organic ingredients sourced from endo and ecto mycorrhiza spores, vitamins B1, C, myo-inositol and amino acids.
  • pH balanced